NSM was founded in 2003 initially in London and then we moved to Bedford shortly after.  Our vision is to be the Salt of the earth and Bring Back God’s Flavour in peoples lives. Where taste for God has gone down or has been lost, we bring God’s divine presence which will bring changes that will last.

“Build up the Church while Reaching out to the Lost”

  • Build up means to Edify, Encourage, Exhort & Comfort God’s People-Prophetic church( 1 Cor 14:3)
    *Reach Out meaning to tell others the Good News.


  • To Bring Back Gods Flavour in Your Life
    * By Being “New Salt”. Jesus said in Mark 9:50 that if salt has lost its flavour, how can it be seasoned again? So you need new salt to replace it!
  • To Bring up people for the work of the ministry.
  • To Raise up Leaders & Provide Mentorship especially for Young People.
  • To Encourage Personal & Life Development.
  • To Encourage Family and Marriage development

Pastor Leonard operates in the prophetic ans desires to see people Restored and Transformed. Having been in the ministry for over 20 years he has a heart to Edify by Encouraging ,Exhorting & Comforting the church while Reaching out to the Lost. He preaches practical , relevant and humorous messages intended to Bring back God’s flavour in your life